Jay Kaplan PresentationsThe titles of some of Dr. Kaplan’s recent presentations include the following:

  • Is a Little Change Enough – Innovation, Imagination and Inspiration
  • Service and Quality, People and Process – How to Make Your Department (Hospital) a Great Place
  • Burnout & Resilience – Regaining the Joy in Medicine
  • Nurses Are from Saturn, Physicians from Jupiter, Administrators from Mars – How Can We Speak the Same Language?
  • Driving Hospital Quality – Six Sigma, LEAN, QA and PI
  • Containing Cost While Providing Prudent Care
  • Leadership and Accountability – Bridging the Gap between Idea and Implementation
  • Mission Possible: Engaging Physicians in Service and Operational Excellence
  • Practicing Excellence – How to Give Great Care and Feel Better at the End of Your Day
  • The Future is Ahead of Schedule – What Brought Us to This Dance is Not Getting Us into the Next One
  • The Future is Ahead of Schedule – Quality, Service & the Bottom Line
  • The ABC’S of HCAHPS and Other Health Care Acronyms
  • Up-Front and Back-End Tactics to Reduce Patient Crowding in the ED and the Hospital
  • Leadership and Accountability – How to Inspire Change and Avoid Madness
  • It’s not about Satisfying Patients… It’s about creating Memorable Experiences
  • Speaking Like a Pro – Tactics to Give Great Presentations
  • Risk Management – Avoid Getting Sued
  • This is the Age of Brand You – How to Differentiate Yourself and Your Practice