Dr. Kaplan will work one-on-one with physicians to share best practices, and proven strategies that have helped physicians across the country attain physician alignment with the organizational mission and achievement of clinical, operational, and service excellence. Clinical excellence, service outcomes, the work environment, and the culture of a medical organization are ultimately determined by the conduct of its physicians.

The practice of medicine for physicians is changing, and the demands on physician performance are accelerating. Physicians have often assumed that practicing clinical quality medicine is enough and that high patient satisfaction accompanies being clinically competent. Physician morale is suffering and asking physicians to do more and to change their style of practice has been met with resistance. The reality of pay for performance is here as health plans and Medicare begin to rank hospitals and medical groups on distinct service and clinical measures for reimbursement and public scrutiny which creates an even greater need for physician alignment and engagement.

Physicians, medical groups, and hospital medical staff are increasingly focused on their commitment to excellence involving the training, alignment, and physician engagement. Dr. Kaplan will provide physicians practical, evidence-based tactics to improve service, clinical, and organizational excellence to achieve measurable results in patient satisfaction and improved clinical outcomes.