Dr. Kaplan coaches hospitals, healthcare systems, physician groups, medical practices, emergency departments, and other departments and organizations by providing a detailed framework and practical strategies that create and inspire positive change. He partners with organizations to create a culture of service, operational, and clinical excellence to ensure the desired results are achieved and sustained which creates a positive return on investment for the organization.

Dr. Kaplan will work with key leaders, staff, and physicians on analyzing operations, prioritizing needs, identifying opportunities, and operational improvements for quick wins and begin to map the ideal experience, from the patient, physician and staff perspectives. Since he understands that ideas without implementation are useless, he will facilitate the development of goals and associated 90-day action plans targeted at improving outcomes in all aspects of the balanced scorecard.

In addition, Dr. Kaplan will work with your organization to interpret satisfaction levels and other key metrics identified with you upfront, and together will gauge success — internally and versus benchmarks – as the engagement proceeds. The measures will ensure accountability and the return on this investment.

The success of any effort at improving organizational performance in terms of clinical quality and service and operational excellence depends on the ability to engage and align staff and physicians. An accomplished speaker who speaks to audiences from10 to 1000, Dr. Kaplan commonly does 2 hour to full day training sessions to excite and energize staff to service and operational excellence, to keep the momentum going, and to provide them with tips and techniques that improve patient satisfaction.