The Invitation

		The Invitation

The invitation
	does not always arrive by mail
	does not always summon to a party
    comes in many forms

the white envelope sits on the counter top
		and beckons

you must recognize there is a choice

do you dare pick it up
      take the razor edge opener
      incise its mystery

is it colorful
	        grabbing your eyes
   or thoughtful
                    seizing your imagination
   or playful
	       capturing your heart

what party of your life
could seduce you to fall in love with it

what invitations go unnoticed
	amidst the catalogues and bills

do not allow this one to elude your grasp

do not just look on the outside
     or settle for the surface white calm 

treasures await you
    in the deeper challenges and joys and sorrows

this may be the one invitation 
    that leads to many others

Jay Kaplan