The Challenge

I am challenged by my life
     life or death
	which will it be?

what seemed steady and certain
	  abruptly disappears
   and I am left grasping for handholds
	attempts at balance almost futile

in this darkness
                           my eyes open
    I try to see more clearly
risking movement
		      my heart  pounds

a voice whispers
	the duel has begun
		     take your steps

my voice answers
	I want to walk with vigor
	     even as the ground shifts
	           and the night remains
	           and the wind howls

my adversary hides
                        feeling certain of victory
I continue step by step
	            one foot in front of the other

I will not hide

Faith fills me with courage
Humility readies me for any outcome

I will not lose as long as I accept the challenge